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The Garden Club of Jacksonville and PB&J Jacksonville partner to bring you the first of the PB&J Jam Sessions in 2020:

Better Environment: How do we build a more resilient and livable city?

The voters approved a half-penny sales tax for the Better Jacksonville Plan in 2000. The $2.25 billion plan aimed to provide comprehensive growth management, road and infrastructure improvements, environmental preservation, targeted economic development, and new and improved public facilities. The Better Jacksonville Plan is responsible for improvements to the city’s libraries, the Duval County Courthouse, the Veterans Memorial Arena, the Baseball Grounds, and numerous roads. In the year 2020, what would really make Jacksonville better?

The Jam Sessions introduce and educate attendees about issues facing our community, then give participants the tools to help shape our city by inviting them to volunteer for or donate to organizations working in those areas. Jam Sessions are fast-paced presentations where each speaker gets 20 slides at 20 seconds each for a total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds. 

Free for Garden Club members and the public

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