On June 15, Stephanie Rush of The Spice & Tea Exchange of San Marco taught children and their caretakers about the legend of tea’s origin in China, the wide variety of health benefits, and how to make their own custom blends. Children learned to compare the differences between living tea plants and their dried counterparts, sampled tasty pre-made blends right from the Spice & Tea Exchange shop, and had fun with a watercolor paint craft. The paints were made from tea herbs like black tea leaves, hibiscus, green tea leaves, and butterfly pea flowers.

The original tea plant Camellia sinensis has been cultivated for thousands of years and its leaves have been used for medicinal purposes. Green tea in particular may help support cognition, may protect the brain from aging, may help with the managing blood sugar, and offer some protection against cancer.

Special Thanks

#GardenClubJax would like to extend a special thank you to Stephanie Rush, her team of volunteers, and The Spice & Tea Exchange of San Marco for facilitating this program and providing supplies.


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