About 40 children and their families gathered at the Garden Club of Jacksonville on May 8 to learn about the crucial role bees play in helping plants grow. Without bees, many of the food sources we enjoy each day would be gone.

A local beekeeper displayed some bees in a special safety container and several tools he uses to work with bees, as he discussed their importance. Children learned about the lifecycle of bees during a story time reading. Each child potted a flowering plant and made a Mother’s Day card to take home. After a snack in the Courtyard including a honey-tasting, they took home information about honeybees and a flowering seed pack.

Budding Gardeners is aimed at children in grades 1-6 to discover gardening, conservation, and wildlife through interactive programs, crafts, and outdoor activities. This program was sponsored by the Alderman Park Garden Circle.

COVID-19 health and safety guidelines were practiced during this event. Seating and work stations were socially distanced and much of the event took place outside with lots of space for physical distancing.