Children and their families learned what birds need to thrive during the winter and how they can help during Budding Gardeners: Winter Birds on February 12. Marie Chappell, education director of the Duval Audubon Society, shared the story of five bird friends as examples of the needs birds have during the winter in Florida.

Budding Gardeners is aimed at children in grades 1-6 to discover gardening, conservation, and wildlife through interactive programs, crafts, and outdoor projects.

Each child planted and took home of a native plant that attracts birds. Jody Willis, outreach director of the Ixia Chapter of the  Florida Native Plant Society, donated Spanish Needle and Spotted Beebalm for the children to pot.

Children created DIY bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on toilet paper rolls, then rolling them in birdseed.

Families joined a scavenger hunt around the Garden Club campus to find plants that attract birds for habitat and food.

Families enjoyed snacks in the Courtyard, played giant Jenga, tossed cornhole, tried hula hoop, and drew on the Living Beauty Florals Chalk Van, provided by Chanel Lee, a member of the Garden Club’s Board of Trustees and chair of Budding Gardeners.

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