Floral designer Laura Haley demonstrated eye-popping table settings during the Garden Club’s virtual program Flower Show Series: Designing the Perfect Table on February 9. Haley is the Governance Chair of the Garden Club of Jacksonville’s Board of Trustees, a member of the Late Bloomers Garden Club, and a 2019 National Garden Club of America Medalist for outstanding achievement in the field of floral design education. The program was done in partnership with the Jupiter Island Garden Club.

Flower shows have been around for hundreds of years and are popular forms of entertainment and education for exhibitors and visitors. The emphasis of most flower shows is to showcase horticultural specimens, floral design creativity, and conservation or environmental stewardship. A flower show’s rules and guidelines are presented in a schedule with the various subject divisions consisting of classes or categories of competition.

In the floral design division of a flower show, the class titles become the source of inspiration and interpretation.. The class description may also specify a particular design type, such table design. During this program, Haley will demonstrate the difference between functional and exhibition table classes that one might see at a flower show.

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