Mika Hardison and Octavious Carr of The Herban Bee discussed honey bees’ impact on our world at Horticulture Corner: Oh, Honey Bee on September 7. They detailed what each of us can do to be a part of local bee conservation efforts. From urban beekeeping to creating bee sanctuaries, each of us can play a small part in ensuring the survival of this most important member of our society.

Mika Hardison is an active and knowledgeable beekeeper and the mastermind behind her popular products, including herbal honey infusions, soap, and other offerings. She specializes in urban beekeeping methods and has been actively involved in the profession since 2018. She and her husband, Octavious Carr, cofounded the The Herban Bee. As avid gardeners, they focus on integrating beekeeping into urban neighborhoods and exposing disadvantaged communities to agriculture. The couple practices their craft mostly in urban areas due to the limited land resources, a challenge many black farmers face in the United States. An educator and advocate for bee conservation, Mika attended the University of Florida Bee College and is a member of both the Jacksonville and Nassau County beekeepers associations. As a licensed beekeeper with the state of Florida, Mika and her husband complete bee removals and relocate distressed and at-risk bees regularly.


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