Mason McCandless shared his passion for rare and exotic plants and explains how to build and care for a vibrant collection at Horticulture Corner: Rare + Exotic Plants on March 7.

They’re the divas of the plant world but keeping them happy is easier than you think! Mason covered the basics and more advanced care tips to get your collection thriving. His presentation included how to create the right environment (without knocking down a wall), watering tips, propagation, the power of poles, soil mixes/media, pest and disease prevention, moving a collection, and beneficial bugs (yes, indoors!).

Mason is the owner and operator of Pink Prince Plants, a Black+Queer-owned cottage rare plant nursery and pop-up bakery founded to create joy during the depths of 2020. He is a Houston native recently transplanted (along with his plants) to Florida by way of Brooklyn. Mason fell in love with exotic plants at first sight. For three years, he has brought his curiosity, focus, and passion to building a collection of more than 200 rare specimens. Along the way, he’s learned best practices by trial and error. Now he shares those lessons to save you many of those headaches.

Mason is also a baker. At the height of the pandemic, he merged his two hobbies and Pink Prince Plants was born. Now he offers gorgeous plants, remarkably yummy baked goods, workshops, and good vibes to the world.


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