Jen and Brandi Burnham of Lush Leaves taught children and their families about the wonderful world of succulents on July 15. Succulents are a wildly popular group of plants that have fleshy leaves and stems, such as cacti, aloe, and jade. Did you know that all cacti are succulents? Succulents love hot, dry climates where their short roots can quickly absorb rainwater. Make sure to only water yours once a month! These fascinating plants have captured the attention of millions of plant enthusiasts because of their intriguing, architectural forms and alluring coloration. Some are even edible and make great additions to lots of recipes. They are forgiving to common houseplant mistakes, which makes them great gateway plants for young gardeners.

Children had fun in the ballroom after learning about succulents. They planted their own aloe, made a succulent paper craft, and played cornhole and Jenga. As the afternoon wound to a close, they enjoyed a snack of sea beans (a salty, edible succulent), popcorn, and juice.

Sea Bean Facts

  • Sea Beans are a type of flowering succulent.
  • Another name for them is Glasswort because in Renaissance Europe they were used to make glass!
  • Sea Beans love salt. They grow best in soil and water with high salinity.
  • Their favorite spots are coastal habitats and inland salt marshes and mud flats.
  • They keep things clean by absorbing extra salt in the water.

Jen & Brandi absolutely love what they do and being active members in the San Marco community. They strive to include amazing local talent in the day-to-day activities of Lush Leaves. When they are not at the shop, find them in the greenhouse, hosting discussions at local garden clubs, meeting landscape clients or planning vendor events.


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