Master Gardener Angela Holliman discussed a fun way to get into gardening at Budding Gardeners: Terrarium Treasures on February 18.

A terrarium is a miniature garden grown inside a clear container and is the perfect way to enjoy plant life in a small space. If you close a terrarium you can even have your own tiny ecosystem! Angela also explained what exactly a plant needs—light, air, nutrition, dirt—and how they tie into the terrarium. Children were then able to learn this cycle hands-on as their terrariums demonstrated evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Their terrariums held a begonia sapling and a gnome to keep their plant company.

This Budding Gardeners program was sponsored by the Wildflower Circle.

Budding Gardeners is aimed at children in grades 1-6 to discover gardening, conservation, and wildlife through interactive programs, crafts, and outdoor projects. Children and their parents or caregivers collaborate during a morning of healthy and fun activities.

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