Master Gardener Mary Longanbach discussed how to grow wildflowers in Jacksonville residents’ landscapes using the Florida-Friendly Landscaping principle of “Right Plant, Right Place” on February 7. Florida’s native wildflowers can bring a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes to residential landscapes. They can take the heat, thrive in humidity, require little maintenance, and come back year after year. Wildflowers help save the bees, support native wildlife, and help residents enjoy the sense of place that native plants offer as they echo the regional landscape.

Mary Longanbach grew up on a farm in Ohio and has always had her hands in the dirt. Mary grew up cultivating vegetables in her family plot and has kept that tradition throughout her life. She has created and maintained productive vegetable and ornamental gardens in climates as varied as California, Connecticut, and West Virginia. She has been a Master Gardener for more than twenty years with sixteen years in Duval County. She enjoys travel, family, and sharing her knowledge of gardening with members of her community.


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