Awards are presented to circles, clubs, states, and individuals for outstanding achievements that further the goals and objectives of National Garden Clubs, Deep South Region, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, and the Garden Club of Jacksonville. Recognition creates pride and awareness that a garden club is an asset in the community, a force for good. Awards inspire others to pursue similar projects. When we compete, we try harder and do our best.

Projects create team spirit and attract new members. Awards bring attention to programs and projects that help to retain members and to gain new members. Besides recognition, many awards have monetary prizes as well. Some awards have been changed to match National Garden Club or Deep South Region requirements. Unless otherwise specified, the award year is June 1 to May 31.

Awards Application

Download the Garden Club of Jacksonville Awards Application here: 2023-2024 Garden Club Awards Application

Awards Committee

  • LaVonne O’Shields:, 904-276-5326
  • Carol Costello:, 904-743-6325
  • Connie Long:, 904-272-6545
  • Jan Sillik:, 904-772-1365, mobile 904-422-5220

State, Regional, and National Awards

Unless otherwise noted, January 1 to December 31 is the awards year. Applications for these awards are to be sent directly to FFGC headquarters; the address and further information may be found on the FFGC website. Most of these awards are due by November 23. Digital applications are advised. No electronic entries except as noted.

Garden Club of Jacksonville Rules

  • Awards year: June 1 to May 31 annually, unless otherwise specified.
  • Application: Circle or youth gardeners must file an application with Awards Chair by April 19, 2024. Application blanks may be obtained from the Garden Club office or downloaded here. Send one to the awards chair and put one on the inside cover of your book of evidence.
  • Material submitted for judging: Narrative should be brief, complete, neat, and secured in a 9.5 x 11.75 folder containing the application, table of contents, details, pictures (before and after), and publicity with name of award on the outside cover of the folder. Emphasis will be placed on activities in which the circle has worked as a group.
  • Due date for book of evidence: May 3, 2024.
  • Circles or youth gardeners: The winner from the previous year may not apply nor win the same award two years in succession. No circle may apply for more than one award on the same project.

Basic scale of points

  • Presentation: 5
  • Neat, concise, all information included on the Application Form, 3 sheets allowed in the Book of Evidence (front and back)
  • Achievement: 65
  • Size and scope of project, benefit, activities to obtain goals, educational value, prior planning, brief history, financial report, other.
  • Participation: 15
  • Size of Circle, involvement of members, youth, community.
  • Record (Documentation): 15
  • Supporting data clear and well-labeled, before and after photographs, financial report, letters of appreciation, community awards/recognition, newspaper/magazine articles (if possible). Photocopies permitted.
  • Total: 100

Eva Noble Circle Achievement Award

Donor: Garden Club of Jacksonville

A permanent trophy presented by The Florida Times-Union in honor of their former garden editor.

First place: $25

Second place: $15

Circles will be judged on their participation in the overall Garden Club program. Emphasis will be placed on activities in which the circle has worked as a group.

Mary Noble McQuerry Award for Education Excellence: A Circle Program Award

Donor: Rose Garden Circle (now just called Rose Circle)

A permanent plaque maintained at the Garden Club displaying the name of the circle earning the award. The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize excellence, innovation and presentation of opportunities to learn at Circle meetings. Emphasis is to be placed on activities at meetings that are designed to help members develop their knowledge of all or specialized aspects of gardening, and floral design. In judging consideration will be given to the year’s program activities that incorporate a variety of opportunities to learn, e.g. tours, speakers, workshops, sharing of member experience. Programs should include traditional areas of Garden Club of Jacksonville interest as well as new and emerging trends.

President’s Membership Award

Donor: Current President

A $50 award will be given to the circle responsible for obtaining the greatest number of new members of the Garden Club of Jacksonville by May 1. FFGC definition of a new member prevails: anyone new in your circle.

Hilda Gardner Varnedoe Award

Donor: Floralia Guild

In memory of Hilda Gardner Varnedoe, a trophy value of up to $25 will be given to the winner of the Tri-Color Award in a Garden Club of Jacksonville Annual Standard Flower Show.

Edna Blake Award

Donor: Floralia Guild

In memory of Edna Blake, a trophy value of up to $25 will be given to the winner of the Garden Club of Jacksonville Award in a Garden Club of Jacksonville Annual Standard Flower Show.

Circle Flower Show Award

Donor: Garden Divas

A permanent trophy remains at the Garden Club. The name of the first-place winner for the best standard circle flower show will be recorded in the Awards Book. A $10 award will be presented to the first-place winner by the donor. Certificates will be presented for first, second and third place. Send to Coordinator of Circle Flower Shows. Application, special rules, and evaluation sheets at the Garden Club office.

Vegetable Garden Award

Donor: Watsonia Circle

A $15 award will be presented to the circle that stimulates the most interest in planting vegetable gardens in yards and landscapes. Certificates will be given for first, second, and third place.

Red Geranium Planting

Donor: Pinocchio Rose Garden Circle

as a memorial to Bert Foshee

A $20 award will be given to the circle whose members plant, or are responsible for, the most effective planting of the most red geraniums in Jacksonville during the year. The current standard book of evidence guidelines and point count are to be used. A separate Award of Recognition certificate may be presented to a business or individual who most effectively incorporates red geraniums into a planting displayed where the public may enjoy it. Nomination for the certificate may be made by any member or circle by submitting photograph(s), identifying the business or individual, and the location of the planting.

Horticulture Leadership Award

Donor: Garden Center Circle

A $25 award is offered to a garden club member for continuing participation and leadership in the field of horticulture on the local club level for a minimum of three years. The book of evidence should contain reports of activities in which a member has shared plants, knowledge of horticulture, and ability in promoting the cultivation of plants.

Arbor Day Award

Donor: Jan Sillik

A certificate may be awarded annually to a circle for the most educational and comprehensive program celebrating Arbor Day. A display may be placed in a public place, articles written for radio, television, newspapers, or magazines; field trips planned; programs given; brochures/flyers may be distributed. Efforts will be to promote interest in planting trees and in the benefits of landscaping with trees and shrubs in our community. A book of evidence will be produced to illustrate the project.

Flowering Tree Award

Donor: Pinocchio Rose Circle

A $20 award is offered in two classes to the circle that plants the most flowering trees on a) private property or b) public property. Certificates will be given for first, second, and third place in each category.

Civic Beautification Project Award

Donor: Hibiscus Garden Circle

A $75 award is offered for the best civic planting or landscaping clean-up project. This may be a new or continuing project.

First place: $50

Second place: $25

Garden Therapy Award

Donor: Della Robbia

A $10 award will be presented to the circle which has done the most outstanding work in garden therapy, emphasizing garden-related activities for groups such as elderly, disabled, incarcerated, or special needs. Purpose: To stimulate interest in therapy through the promotion of programs, demonstrations, workshops, or instructions in a phase of horticulture, flower arranging, corsage making, landscaping of school grounds, etc. Certificates will be presented for first, second and third place.

The Molly Holbert Bird Award

Donor: Wildflower Circle

A $25 award will be presented to the circle who has done the most to stimulate interest in birds and their preservation and protection. Certificates of appreciation will be presented to first, second, and third place.

The Connie Long Monarch Conservation Award

Donor: Garden Divas Circle

A $50 award will be presented to the circle that promotes the increase in the monarch butterfly population by improving their ecology, learning to identify all stages of the monarch’s life, and growing plants that provide food and shelter. This may be achieved through educational programs or planting projects. Projects involving youth will receive special consideration.

Mentor of the Year

Donor (framed certificate): Jan Sillik

An award of appreciation is to be given to recognize a person who has been an outstanding mentor, a member who goes above and beyond the call of normal garden club duties; who freely shares knowledge and help. One who is a loyal member and an inspiration to all, who provides invaluable assistance and support to our members and officers. Nomination may be made by any member by submitting a book of evidence to the awards chair.

Community Action Award

Donor: Jan Sillik

A $35 award will be given annually to a circle for the most outstanding project/program relating to garden club objectives. Benefit to the community at-large is a major consideration. This could be a one-time project or a continuing project. Examples: beautification of public spaces or buildings, educational projects to enhance our community, historical preservation activities, conservation (water, wildlife, etc.) activities.