In a “normal” year, the slate of officers for the next year would be presented to the Members’ Council meeting in April as an announcement, then voted on at the annual meeting in May. But as with everything at the moment, this year must be different.

The Garden Club of Jacksonville approved new bylaws in January but maintained this election under the old bylaws:

Article V: Elections under the “old” bylaws:

  • The election of officers shall be held in April at the Annual Meeting of the Garden Club of Jacksonville (Charter Article X).
  • The committee shall present to the Annual Meeting a list of candidates from the membership at large to be voted on. The list, together with each nominee’s qualifications, shall be presented at the Presidents’ Council meeting immediately preceding the Annual Meeting.
  • Nominations may be made from the floor. When there are no nominations from the floor and only one candidate for each office, the election shall be by acclamation.

From Charter, Article X:

  • Section 1. An Annual Meeting with election of Officers shall be held in April.
  • Section 2. A quorum shall consist of the majority of all active members attending.
  • Section 3. All active members attending may vote.

Our old bylaws state that nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting. However, we believe we have more than met that requirement through the self-nomination process. Members were given weeks to recommend candidates or to self-nominate, so there is no need to call for nominations from the floor.

Election by Acclamation is allowed by Robert’s Rules of Order as long as (1) there is just one candidate for the office, (2) the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, and (3) the bylaws do not require a vote by ballot. All of these criteria are met.

We have one candidate for each position. Self-nomination is replacing floor nominations. We are hereby calling for a vote through this email for the entire slate by acclamation.

We believe we are meeting all requirements of our bylaws by sending the slate to the membership in this email.


  • President Bobi McGinnis, Grove Park Circle
  • First Vice President Tiffany Davis, San Marco Circle
  • Second Vice President Debbie Byrd, Ortega Forest Circle
  • Recording Secretary Connie Long, Garden Divas Circle
  • Corresponding Secretary Ann Sauer, Alderman Park Circle
  • Treasurer Jennifer Newman, Rose Circle

Trustees Serving on the Executive Committee

  • Virginia Kirby, Della Robbia Circle
  • Irene Woodworth, Garden Divas Circle

Additional Trustees

  • Lauren Baxter, Empire Point Circle
  • Alison Bok, Clover Circle
  • Susan Caton, Wildflower Circle
  • Susan Caven, Late Bloomers Garden Club
  • Janet Chamberlain, Grove Park Circle
  • Martha Davis, Rose Circle
  • Lynda Erwin, San Marco Circle
  • Patsy Gaillard, Della Robbia Circle
  • Laura Haley, Late Bloomers Garden Club
  • Victor Hughes, Friends of the Garden Club
  • Karen McCombs, Rose Circle
  • Cyndy Reynolds, Ortega Forest Circle
  • Becky Rood, Ortega Forest Circle
  • Sam Runyon, Wildflower Circle

Join a committee!

Grow with us! As we begin a new fiscal year, please consider serving on one of these committees. Service on these committees renews each year:

  • Finance
  • Development
  • Building and Gardens
  • Governance
  • Programming

If you would like to serve on a committee, please contact Denise M. Reagan or Bobi McGinnis.


The Nominating Committee of the Garden Club of Jacksonville:

  • Jennifer Newman, Chair
  • Debbie Byrd
  • Patsy Gaillard
  • Marty Jones
  • Sam Runyon